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What kind of person makes the best archer?

Over the years I’ve seen archers come and go. I’ve trained many archers, and seen them progress through the ranks. It sometimes surprises me who makes it, and who doesn’t.

I’ve seen some extremely talented archers with an incredible natural ability drop off and fail to achieve even mediocre results, whilst others who seemingly have no natural ability, and who have had to battle for every 0.1% of progress have surged ahead and achieved more than anyone thought possible.

The difference?

A growth mindset.

Archers who bring a strong growth mindset to training will always outperform those that don’t. This means having a constant hunger to improve. These archers are willing to do anything if it gets them closer to their goal. Win or lose, archers who have a growth mindset are hungry for the next improvement, and for bigger and greater things. As a result, their consistent efforts and cumulative progress quickly overtakes natural ability.

A growth mindset is something that you need to practice, stimulate and encourage. Ultimately, this translates to success in anything that you apply yourself to; academic, professional, sporting, musical, entrepreneurial or otherwise. In my opinion it is the most important skill for anyone to learn.

Enjoy the growth!

Jarryd Greitschus

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