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What is the best way to learn archery technique as a beginner?

Archery is a technically complex sport, and the Olympic discipline of recurve archery requires a mastery of advanced technique.

But just like any skill, your learning curve needs to be progressive!

To understand this, imagine that you're learning how to drive a car for the first time. In your first lesson, you will learn how to adjust the mirrors, where the indicators are, how to put the vehicle into gear and how to control the clutch. Over time, you will start to introduce more complex skills.

If you tried to reverse park an articulated trailer in heavy traffic on your first driving lesson, what would happen? No doubt you would freak out, drop the clutch, and smash your trailer through the adjacent coffee shop, ruining everyone's brunch!

Unfortunately, this is how most archers try and learn archery technique... Not by smashing up a coffee shop, but they try and learn advanced techniques that they aren't ready for like "back tension", "clicker control" and "a dynamic release". The result is much frustration, stagnant or 'yo-yo' progress, and inevitably upgrading your equipment when you feel like you've tried everything else...

Folks... this is not the way!

At Rogue Archery we've taught thousands of archers technique and shot process... THOUSANDS. That's a lot of Guinea pigs. And I've learned a few things about teaching archery technique.

What you need is an approach to skill acquisition that layers techniques in a logical and progressive pathway.

Now if you're serious about mastering your archery technique, then we have our advanced coaching programs available online over at the Rogue Archery Masterclass, but if you're looking for some basics to get you going, then I have a simple, effective drill that you can practice anywhere, any time, and with minimal equipment!

The drill is called "Position Training".

Here's how it's done:

Oh, and did I mention that this drill is compatible with all shooting styles? Conventional technique, Korean, or the NTS shot cycle? (We break this down in the course by the way)

So next time you start fantasising about upgrading your equipment, the best value piece of archery equipment that you could ever buy is a $3 stretchy band!

Let me know how you go!


Jarryd Greitschus

Head Coach | Rogue Archery


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