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Essential strength exercises for an archery strength program (Example program)

Strength training for archery has three objectives:

  1. Improve mobility by working through the full Range of Motion (ROM)

  2. Promote balanced muscle development

  3. Improve strength for athletic transfer into archery

The design of a strength program for archery should therefore be holistic, and not over-specific or sport specialised.

In designing any strength program for archers, there are two exercises that I believe are fundamental to injury prevention, as well as strengthening and stabilising the shoulders. Chin-ups, and overhead press.

In the following video, I demonstrate several exercise variations for chin-ups and overhead press.

In my strength programs, one session per week is usually dedicated to this exercise pair. An example program is outlined below.

Always seek the guidance of an experienced strength coach before implementing any training program. It is important that you are properly instructed on correct lifting technique and screened for orthopedic issues prior to any exercise.

Good luck!

Jarryd Greitschus

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