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Rookie Archer Program

A structured archery coaching program for intermediate level archers

Who is a 'Rookie'?

A Rookie is someone who is no longer a beginner, but is still learning the ropes. ​This includes archers who:

  1. Have completed a beginner program and are looking to learn 'the right way'

  2. Have been shooting for several years without any formal coaching program, or have foundational gaps in their skills & knowledge

  3. Are working towards competitions, but are not yet ready to compete. 

If this is you, then our Rookie Archer Program is designed to achieve all of the above, in a fun & supportive team environment!

Make rookie-errors, before they count...

What is the Rookie Archer Program?

Rogue Archery specialises in development pathways for aspiring archers, and our Rookie Archer Program is in the first tier of our development pathway. 

This program is focused on laying down a strong foundation of technical skills, physical conditioning, mindset and disciplines that will serve you well no matter how far you take your archery career!

The Rookie Archer Program has a more technical focus than our beginner programs. Each session and training sessions include:

  • Technique drills

  • Bow fitness

  • Equipment knowledge and maintenance

  • Training planning & program design

  • Individual coaching feedback

  • Theoretical skill components

  • Scoring & competition format

Graduation from this program to our Development Squad is based on the archer demonstrating a number of competencies, as the development squad is for archers who are actively competing. This would typically take around 6-12 months to achieve, depending on the consistency and dedication of the archer. 







What's included?

  1. Three weekly training sessions

  2. Automatic entry into the Rookie League

  3. Access to the Rogue Archery Masterclass (valued at $450 AUD)

  4. Expert coaching, guidance & mentorship

  5. Ongoing support through our private RADS community group

  6. Access to training resources (training program templates, score sheets, arrow plots, equipment guides etc.)

  7. Discounted 1 on 1 coaching sessions

  8. Discounted target butts

Training timetable

There are several training sessions and one league day per week:

  1. Monday 4-6pm - General coaching

  2. Monday 6-7pm - Bow fitness

  3. Wednesday 6-7:30pm - Rookie Program Curriculum

  4. Saturday 10am-12:30pm - Rookie League (8-week block)

As a member of the Rookie Archer Program, you can attend all, none, or any combination of these sessions. The more you come, the better you get!


Payment is a flat monthly fee which includes all coaching sessions. You can then come to any (or all) of the training sessions. Basically, the more you come, the more you get out of it! ​

The monthly fee is $250 per month. This is equivalent to $58 per week, or about $ 9 per hour for all training sessions...​

We suggest that if you can come at least once per week regularly, then it's good value. 

There is no lock-in contract. You are free to pause, cancel or resume your training subscription at any time.​

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  • Can I do a trial session?
    We used to offer trial sessions at Rogue Archery, however, these days our classes are very popular and are frequently booked out. As such, we are unable to reserve places for people to do a trial session. Our Beginner Archery League is also an 8 week curriculum, and each week archers learn new skills and techniques. It's not approporiate to join in half way through a block of lessons, as this would affect the rest of our students. You're very welcome to pop in during one of our class times to observe and say hello, and also keep an eye out for our School Holiday Programs and other one off courses! P.S. We've never had someone who did a trial and then didn't sign up!
  • Can I bring my own equipment?
    No. At our beginner programs we insist that you use our gear. We provide everything that you need. This way we can ensure that the equipment is properly maintained and safe, and that everyone is on the same playing field.
  • Can I book a casual session to shoot some arrows?
    No. To get into archery, you are required to complete some form of beginner course or induction program, and this is pretty much universal at all archery clubs and ranges across Australia. I know, I know... wouldn't it be great if archery was set up like a golf driving range where you could come and sling arrows to your hearts content for a few dollars? Unfortunately, archery doesn't work like this, and due to the safety protocols, it's not suitable for casual archery sessions.
  • Do you offer compound bows?
    At Rogue Archery we specialise in recurve target archery. Wherever you go, you will always be taught to shoot a recurve bow first. This is for a couple of reasons: Compound bows are difficult to set up for beginners. They have a fixed draw length, and as such, you can't just pick up a compund and shoot it. The bow needs to be set up specifically for the archer, and this makes it difficult to run for beginners. The basic shooting form learnt on a recurve bow translates very well to all other disciplines. If you learn on a recurve, you'll have no problems taking up compound, or barebow, or traditional archery later, but this doesn't necessarily work the other way around. Because of the mechanical advantages offered by a compound bow, it's very easy to develop bad habits. It's a bit like if you learn how to drive a manual car first, you can drive an automatic car no worries at all, but if you learn an automatic first, you'll struggle with a manual, and it's the same for recurve and compound. If you want to get into compound, then once you're a member of a club, there are opportunities to try out different bow styles, and take it from there!
  • What if it rains?
    We operate outdoors, and as such are subject to the weather! If there are passing showers or just a sprinkle of rain, we will usually still operate, however, if the rain is steady or storms are forecast we will cancel. In these instances, we will monitor the weather closely, and make a final decision at least 1 hour prior to the start time of any class. If a class is cancelled, we will notify by email if there is enough notice, or post it on our facebook page. For unforeseen cancellations, we will do our best to offer a make up class, or otherwise credit you towards future lessons.
  • What is the minimum age?
    The minimum age is 10 years old. Our equipment and course format is not suited for small children. This is basically the same for all archery ranges and clubs around Australia.
  • Are your classes mostly kids or adults?
    Most of our classes are all ages, and so we generally have a good mix of age groups in our classes. It varies from class to class, but it's usually about 50:50.
  • Can you cater for special needs?
    Archery is an inclusive sport that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, and we strive to accomodate and make a positive experience for everyone! At Rogue Archery our coaches have extensive experience with archers who have special needs, including competitive para-archers. In many cases, archery is an empowering activity, and often has theraputic benefits for people with mild psychological disorders. If you're able to participate in a group environment, then it will almost certainly be fine. Ensure you advise us of any special needs when you book your course so that we can best accomodate you. There are some cases that require more 1 on 1 attention, such as extreme social anxiety or a major physical impairment. In these instances, a large group setting may not be the most appropriate environment, so please contact us to see how we can best accomodate your needs!
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