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Jarryd Greitschus

Head Coach


Delia Evans

Lead Instructor


Archery is much more than just shooting arrows. The challenges that each archer faces are a proxy for the challenges that each of us face in life. 

Archery is a vehicle for personal growth.

Jarryd Greitschus


Rogue Archery Founder | Director | Head Coach 

Jarryd Greitschus Smiling

Jarryd started Rogue Archery in 2013, as a way of promoting participation in the sport of archery, and providing a pathway for aspiring archers. Rogue Archery has now introduced over 3,000 new participants to the sport of archery, and developed several students to medal at state, national and international events. 

Jarryd's has a background as a competitive archer, and he has won various state / national titles, set several records and represented Australia at World Cup & World Championship events. This has given him the opportunity to shoot all around the world, gain exposure to different training & coaching practices and learn from some of the best in the world. 

He continues to compete, and has a strong focus on leading by example within the Rogue Archery Development Squad. 

Jarryd is also a consummate ambassador for the sport of archery. He regularly features as a guest / key note speaker for industries such as engineering, finance and public works as a role-model for managing a professional career with personal ambitions.

Key Accomplishments

Some of Jarryd's key achievements in the sport of archery:

  • Best national rank - Target #4 | Indoor #1 | Field #2

  • Set various state & national records

  • 2021 Archery Queensland Target Champion

  • 2021 State Championship wins - Field, Target & Indoor

  • Australian Representative - 2018 Indoor World Cup (Bangkok, Thailand)

  • 2016 IFAA World Championships - 3rd Place

  • Pacific Regional Champion – 2015 IFAA Pacific Championships

  • 2015 Australian Field Open – Team Gold

  • 2015 Australian Field Open – #1 seed

  • 2015 Australian Open – Team Bronze

  • National Champion – 2014 IFAA Championships

  • National Champion – 2014 ABA Championships

  • National Champion – 2014 3D Championships

  • Australian Representative – 2013 Archery World Cup (Wroclaw, Poland) 

  • Australian Representative – 2012 World Field Archery Championships (Val D’Isère, France)

  • Winner – 2008 World Indoor Archery Challenge

  • National Champion - 2008 Indoor Archery Championships

  • National Champion – 2007 Target Championships

  • World Champion – 2006 World IFAA Championships

Jarryd Greitschus Archery Champion

Other areas of expertise / interest

  • Leadership

  • Organisational & team psychology

  • Engineering & project management

  • Real-estate cycles & land economics

  • Philosophy

  • Physiology

  • Psychology


Lead Instructor

Delia Evans Archery Coach

Delia is a talented archer who competes at a state, national and international level in the Olympic style of Recurve Archery. She has successfully gained medal placings each year she has competed within the sport across both state and national competitions. Delia made her international debut in 2018 representing Australia at the Asia Cup in Manila, Philippines. 

As an archery instructor, Delia has been working with Rogue Archery since 2016, and has been running courses for Moreton Bay Girls and Boys College, Alexander Hills SHS, Brisbane Adventist College, as well as individuals of all ages through Rogue Archery’s Beginner Archery League.

Delia is also pursuing her career as an environmental scientist, working with key industry and state bodies to preserve and revegetate native bushland throughout South East Queensland. 

Key Accomplishments

Some of Delia's key achievements in the sport of archery:

  • Australian Representative 2018 Asia Cup - Phillipines

  • 2018 Australian Open - Team bronze

  • 2017 Australian Open - Team silver

  • 2017 State Target Champion

  • 2016 Archery Queensland Overall Champion

  • 2014 National Indoor Champion

  • 2014 State Target, Field & Indoor Champion

  • 2013 State Indoor Championships - 2nd Place

  • 2013 State Target Champion

  • 2012 National Indoor Championships - 3rd Place

  • 2012 State Indoor Champion

  • Holder of various national records

  • Best national ranking - #4

Delia Evans Archery