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Things that are more expensive than a group coaching session with Rogue Archery!

Here are a few things that are more expensive than an hour of group training with Rogue Archery!

A round of beer

Had a couple of drinks this week?

That means that you can afford an archery lesson... or your priorities are in the wrong place!

Burger and chips

Admit it, you have a weekly splurge...

Is it more valuable than your archery development?


Swap the leggo blocks and crayons for a bow and arrows.

The personal trainer you hired, to get strong for archery

Yep, that under-qualified gym junkie you pay to yell at you whilst you do crunches and bounce on a bosu ball is probably overpaid too.

(go get a proper strength coach)

The shoulder injury you'll get from not training properly

Trust me, your ongoing rehab appointments and time out of the game is a costly thing!

Your equipment

Willing to fork out the big bucks for top of the line gear, but get stingey when it comes to coaching?

No progress

Perhaps the most costly thing of all!

If you don't value your own technical development then you are limiting your own potential.

From my experience, the archers who whinge about cost are the ones who don't value their own education. These are the same people that end up stagnating in this sport.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that you can't afford to pay for coaching, you can't afford not to!

P.S. This is meant to be satirical. If you are going through financial hardship or other extenuating circumstances, I'm here to support you and you should get in touch.

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