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SQAS Target Championships 2024

This weekend we had 11 Rogue Archers compete in the State Target Champs. Well done to all of the archers!


Under 16 Female Recurve

Haleemah 2nd 🥈 [PB]

Evie 4th [PB]

Gabby 5th [PB]

Under 16 Male Recurve

Paco 2nd 🥈

Open Female Recurve

Kinga 1st 🥇

Kiki 2nd 🥈 [PB]

Open Male Recurve

Wei 1st 🥇 [PB]

Will 4th [Massive PB]

Tony 5th

50+ Female Recurve

Sam 3rd 🥉 [PB]

70+ Male Recurve

Neil 1st 🥇 [PB]

Thanks to Samford Valley Target Archers for hosting a great event!

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