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My top 4 apps for archery training

Here is a list of my favorite apps for archery training. These are resources that I use regularly, and I highly recommend them to any serious archer!

Seconds Pro

Seconds Pro is a customisable timer designed for circuit training, HIIT etc. However, its easy to use functions and semi-infinite customisable options make it perfect for SPT programs, shot timers, matchplay drills, speed shooting drills and just about any other timing drill that you can think of!

I use Seconds Pro to create many SPT variations with varying difficulty and complexity.

Cost is $4.99 on iTunes and $6.99 on the Play Store.

Seconds Pro App

Hudl Technique

My all-time favorite app!

Hudl technique is an invaluable tool that allows you to analyse your shot technique in slow motion, frame by frame, annotate, measure and compare video's.

The old days of filming on a camera, downloading onto a PC and then running through a video analysis software is over. Hudl technique allows you to simply whip out your phone, film your shot and then instantly analyse.

Best thing about this app? It's absolutely free. I have no idea how they fund this amazing product, but it's a staple of my archery training and coaching resources.

Top tips:

  1. No shaky-cam. For best results mount your phone / tablet on a tripod. Trying to identify minute imbalances in technique is impossible to do if it's filmed one-handed by your mate while he eats a banana.

  2. Keep standard filming angles. I have 7 standard filming angles that I use. this ensures that over time you build up a catalogue of video's, and you can go back to compare progress.

  3. The iOS app has much more functionality than the Android App. Hopefully they synchronize these in the future.

Study Music Memory Booster

If you're trying to relax, meditate or fall asleep, you probably play some sort of slow tempo music, maybe rain forest sounds etc. If you're trying to psyche yourself up for an intense workout, you probably listen to something quite different!

But what if you're trying to improve focus? concentration? cognition?

Research has shown that certain binaural beats can enhance focus, concentration, memory etc. This app has several different tunes that are the right tempo, and can help you improve your focus whilst shooting. It also has the functionality to play alpha waves to increase cognition.

Anecdotally, I find that this app can improve the length of time that you can maintain focus. It's not overstimulating, and when played with noise cancelling headphones it helps you enter and maintain that 'zone'.

This particular app is for Android, but there are similar apps available for iOS.

Cost: Free.

Head2Head Archery

Head2Head Archery was developed by World Archery as a platform for archers around the world to challenge each other in matchplay practice. You can challenge your training buddies, start random matches, or even participate in historical matches from major events!

This is a great way to engage with archers from all over the world, and practice matchplay. Well done World Archery!

Cost: Free.


Archery Success

There are several Apps available on the market that allow you to complete arrow plots, log scores and record equipment details. What sets Archery Success apart is its functionality to track your weekly arrow count against your goal. You can also easily export your weekly training summary to your coach, including a journal of comments on each training session that you've completed. This makes Archery Success a valuable tool for coaches to consolidate their students training, and keep track of progress!

Cost: $14.99 on iTunes and $9.99 on the Play Store


Jarryd Greitschus

Note: I am not affiliated in any way with the above Apps.

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