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At Rogue Archery, we are committed to helping aspiring archers develop their skills and reach their maximum potential. To do this, we utilise a number of tools, one of which is video analysis. 

Video analysis is a powerful tool for coaches to dissect students’ technique. We use some of the best video analysis software which allows observation of the shot sequence frame by frame and in slow motion. We can also to make a number of precise measurements / annotations that are otherwise unavailable to coaches. In this way, video analysis allows us to identify some technical areas which are otherwise difficult to identify from the naked eye.  

The beauty is that through video analysis we can continue to help you on your journey, no matter where you are!

Some of the key benefits of video analysis include:

  • Allows you to maintain a log of your technical development over time

  • Allows us to identify minute imbalances in technique which are difficult to identify

  • Allows us to make precise measurements and annotations

  • Allows us to help you anywhere in the world

"Did a video analysis session with Jarryd and found it really helpful. He provided an excellent feedback video and a follow up call to develop a training plan to improve my form. Found it really helpful and look forward to improving my scores and working with the Rogue archery team in the future."



How the process works

Step 1: Complete the assessment form and send to us to arrange a booking 

Step 2: Film your shooting as per the Virtual Video Coaching Guide

Step 3: Send us your video's

Step 4: We will complete an analysis of your technique and send you a detailed                      feedback video including annotated technical analysis

Step 5: We will arrange a Skype call to walk you through the feedback 


Fee's: $80 AUD

If you're ready to book a virtual online coaching session, email to arrange a session!

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